Saturday, May 1, 2010

gebus bloody christ on a bicycle!

so my cat almost died this morning. i was woken by my roommate yelling that he needed me NOW and ran to the living room to find spook limp and glassy-eyed with bloody foam draining from his mouth. turns out he was eating so quickly he failed to chew a large piece of meat and got it well and truly lodged in his windpipe. aaron managed to pull it out and get him breathing again and took a nice puncture wound to his finger in the process (reflexive bite urge). the blood was only from aaron and he was breathing again by the time i checked him over. took him a few min to come to and get up, vomit the rest of his breakfast and get his bearings. he's ok but he's really clingy now and obviously very scared. thank god for having two first aid attendants in the house or we would have lost a very beloved member of the family today. what a way to start beltane!

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