Sunday, May 9, 2010

operation greek dinner party

it's finally nice out and i have to (grudgingly) admit that the patio furniture the evil landlord picked isn't bad. i've been craving greek food and the places around here suck lately. i wanted a greek variety platter type thing but that means making many different dishes and while leftovers are good it would be nice to share with a few friends while everything is fresh. the good part is that most greek food is really simple and can be made in advance therefore the menu will be:
tyropita triangles
mushroom triangles
spanikopita pie
fresh tatziki
fresh hummus with sun-dried tomatoes
pita bread
greek salad
lemon potatoes
kalimatas for nibbles
which is a lot of projects so i'll be making the mushroom and tyropita triangles in advance and freezing them, buying the pita bread pre-made, making the hummus and tatziki a couple days ahead of time and the greek salad the day before. this way we can have a feast and i'll only have to throw together the spanikopita pie (15 min prep), the sangria (10 min prep), and the lemon potatoes (15 min prep) on the day of and throw various things in the oven at the right times. i've made all of these before and i don't think any of them have more then 6 ingredients or take more then 15 min prep. wish me luck! i think i need platters of some kind. i haven't enough dishes to bring this all outside and still have plates to eat on. hmmmm...

well i acquired platters and more bowls and cups. unfortunately i have not acquired anyone remotely interested. two people said "i might stop by" and another said "yes! we'll talk later" and never did. i'm also several days behind in prep. something tells me this is not happening. i have all the ingredients so i guess i'll break it up into several meals and eat it alone over several days.

well it did happen, sort of. it was four of us, including myself, my roommate, my neighbor, and my friend who was over an hour late. the food was fantastic (if i do say so myself) considering i threw almost all of it together the night before. sometimes the measure-nothing-and-chill-the-hell-out school of cooking works best. afterwards another friend came by and we watched rocky horror picture show. it scares me that i remembered more callbacks then the resident expert in our group this time around.

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