Thursday, May 6, 2010

stuff i'm doing: the jungle

in the absence of being able to get into therapy for some months (stupid lack of government funding) i'm channeling my energy into redecorating my horrible apartment. not sure how i came to that conclusion but it's a good distraction. my phone has a piece of crap camera so no pics yet but we're going for a jungle theme in the living room and carrying the natural, foresty theme throughout the house. we have discovered that our apartment does not have enough light to sustain real pants so i'm contenting myself with silks for the time being. bringing home the 6 foot tree on the bus was loads of fun. i was telling people i'm taking my tree for a walk. it's amusing to see the generational gap when you do things like that; everyone over 30 was staring at me like i was an alien taking a crap in public, everyone under 30 was smiling at me conspiratorially (you're doing something fun and unusual and i've done similar). i also did a nice tropical painting and stitched a bunch of fake grass panels together to make a throw rug. the rug was supposed to be a bath mat but after testing it was judged too lumpy for bare feet so it's now a welcome mat instead. i picked up several inexpensive silk hanging vines which i painted the pots of. i also raided the dollar stores for realistic looking fake birds and butterflies to go on the plants and bouquet of tropical flowers. this all sounds like it will be full of plastic and old lady aesthetic but it's actually coming along quite organically. you'll see when i acquire a camera. a trip to ikea the other day yielded a couple of nice carpets, a new shoe basket, and some scented candles. next cheque i'll be getting a 6 foot palm to go in the other corner of the living room and maybe the big bamboo from micheal's which needs to live in my bedroom. i'm looking forward to my string of orchid fairy lights arriving from etsy as well. i think this is becoming a bit obsessive though and don't know what i'll do with myself when i really have done all i can to my house. luckily this is a time consuming and expensive process and will hopefully be dragged out until i find another distraction

update: we got the 6 foot palm today and i LOVE it! i want to get two of the 4 foot ones to keep him company and the hunt for green sheets to cover the walls continues (why on earth it's this hard i have no idea). we got some lovely moss green curtains and i think i want another set for my bedroom. $30 for the longer ones isn't bad at all. we also need to swap the dark red (stained and old) tablecloth on the coffee table for something blue and purple. maybe a swirly or paisley pattern. i think i'll need to raid dressew for cheep fabric since the sheet hunt is failing. so. next cheque will be two smaller palms ($35 each), a bunch more bamboo mats for the walls ($1-2 each at the dollar store) and some cheep fabric from dressew. it's starting to look really nice in here. once we have the green and blue flood lights, the waterfall fountain, another fog machine, and maybe some cheep wall decals off etsy this place will look amazing. and i'm fairly certain i'll have done all of this for under a grand over a few months. i think i'm getting good at this! maybe i should add interior design to the list of jobs i want to try in my lifetime.

finally got another palm and set of green curtains for my bedroom. better yet i have some pictures of my favorite completed bits! note how i carefully cropped everything ugly out of the photo. i've learned how to make my peace with the terminally messy house: it's just like a forest, it's too alive to be perfect. the lights from etsy never arrived (long story) so i made my own and i think they're way prettier then the etsy ones anyways. the pics are all at the top for some reason, i'm too tired to deal with this nightmare of a program right now, i'll sort it out later

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