art for sale

i sell things! you can reach me at for now. i'll be adding paypal options here and posting things on etsy in the near future
delicate and intricate, these are about 3" long by a little under 1" wide. the ear hooks are surgical steel. i can always make you something custom if you'd prefer. ($20)
neon washed alleyway, acrylic on cardstock, about 8" by 11" ($20)
rubber floggers in keychain ($10) or full size ($30). they have the same stingy feel as leather. custom lengths and thicknesses on request. these ones aren't for sale but i can make more with a few days notice. they are capable of drawing blood so not a beginner toy. made of reclaimed rubber
no you can't buy my hand. but i'll do your nails :) emerald with matte top coat and a dragon scale accent nail. this pic shows them a few days old, they looked a bit better initially. what do you think would be a fair price? the dragon scaling takes ages to dry so plan for a couple of hours. obviously this only works if i'm in your area but i could do this on fake nails and mail them
lightweight and elegant, these are about 1.5" long by a little over .5" wide. the ear hooks are copper. this pair is sold but i can make something very similar if not identical. ($15)
soft warmup flogger ($25) this is more of a tickler or sensation toy, you can't cause pain with it. handle is dipped in play-safe silicon. can be made without the d-ring if you had interesting ideas for it ;) this one is not for sale but i can reproduce it in a few days
nebulae study, acrylic on cardstock, about 8" by 11" ($20)

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