Friday, April 23, 2010

experience points: rarrgh dental work!

so i had a wisdom tooth pulled yesterday which is part of why i'm spending today fiddling around online and (should be) cleaning my house. my cheek feels like i was punched in the face and i can't eat normally. my dentist hit the vasculature while searching for the nerve to put in the freezing and made me scream a lot. i don't recommend that. the whole thing felt really nails-on-a-chalkboard horrible and i'm really glad i only have one more wisdom tooth and a crown to go. i was without dental care for some ten years and consequently have had the following work done over the last two years: 18 fillings, three extractions, one root canal, and lots of scaling. when all is said and done i'll have a $10,000 smile. i'm very glad most of the damage was far enough back to not be visible. i'm considering having professional whitening done but for now will content myself with the annoying box kits (hint, the crest ones don't work). i slept for some 16 hours after yesterday's surgery and drugs so now i can't claim sleep deprivation for a few days. i guess i'll go get things done.

aah! 4 days post-op and not only does the site itself throb (expected, but why only now?) but my teeth itch! like the feeling of having hard candy stuck in your teeth but all of them, and nothing makes it stop! it's like having your bones be terribly itchy, you can't scratch that! i'm beginning to think he damaged that main nerve when i jumped/screamed during the whole right-through-the-blood-vessel debauchel. how do i make it stop!?

so apparently the itching is a normal part of healing just like a cut on your arm? not sure why it never happened before, then. or why i've ever heard of anyone else having the same issue. he did put me on antibiotics and clean everything out just to be sure. the next extraction healed reasonably normally but now the one that was itching is being strange. the tooth next to it has an odd bony lump coming out the gum line above it! i don't know if i have a latent extra tooth trying to come out sideways or if they fucked up the roots of my other tooth during the extraction but it hurts if i touch it. just what i need. one more strange surgery to add to my collection. i should get trading cards for this. at least then i'd have something to show for it

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