Saturday, July 3, 2010

the veggie garden!

this is the cucumbers (that i really should thin, along with the zucchini), the red pepper (look, it has three tiny peppers already!), and the mini herb garden (big healthy basil and rosemary, healthy dill seedlings, very tiny oregano and chive seedlings that i'm not convinced will make it)

big beefsteak tomatoes, if you look closely you can see the little cherry ones coming up on the sides. the other pot of seedlings is spinach and lettuce. not sure why the lettuce decided to only come up along the sides. maybe i dislodged the seeds while watering in the early stages?

zucchini and nastursiums!

got a bit of a start (albi late) on some veggies and herbs in a little container garden today. i can't find seed for anything but i'll try to make a pilgrimage to rona asap or see if superstore has anything. for now i have some tomatoes, red peppers, cucumber, basil, and rosemary. with any luck i'll find spinach and lettuce and zucchini seeds and an oregano and dill plant. not sure what i'll do with these in the winter, hopefully the perennial herbs will survive. i think it will be too warm for them inside. next year i'll want to do an early planting as well as a later one but we should still be able to harvest before the first frost. hoping like hell the evil neighbors will keep their greedy little mitts off *my* harvest and don't do something stupid like kick over the pots or randomly decide to move them around. i decided to do pots only, in the front yard because the soil here has been raped for so many years with no one giving anything back that it has nothing left. there is also nonsense in the back yard of everyone deciding that only *they* know best where things should grow and that they have the right to take anything on the property regardless of who put in the time and effort to plant and care for it. it's not uncommon here to have all your harvest stolen just before you decided it was ripe or to have things coming along nicely only to have someone tear out your plants when you're not home because they don't like them or want to put something else there. i put a sign up telling people to keep their fucking hands off my plants and they're far away from everyone else's in a place they'll actually get light so we'll see what happens. oh how i want to live on the drive where everyone gardens and understands that you don't touch other people's plants! or trample them, or spray them with god knows what, or other wise interfere with other people's land!

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