Tuesday, June 29, 2010

so that's what i've been trying to do!

turns out there's a name for us weirdos who prefer to do everything ourselves and dream of self sufficiency on our own little piece of land. we're called urban homesteaders and it's a quiet revolution that's been going on for a while. i love the diy attitude and living lightly on the earth. i dream of having a big vegetable and herb garden, a mini orchard, a chicken coup for eggs, maybe a goat or a single cow for milk, and honey bees. i love making bread from scratch, eating a salad with actual flavor that's still warm from the sun in the back yard. i want to make jam and dehydrate apple chips and sew my own clothes. it's not that i want to live on a big farm in the middle of nowhere. i just want to live a simpler, healthier life, reliant on my own skills and the bounty of the earth instead of being nothing but a consumer. and i love the flexibility of doing as much or as little as i want or have time and skills for. i love that i can ease into this. i love that i look at my current life and see a lot of things i already do that seem so normal to me but no one else i know knows how or bothers. i can see this growing throughout my life and one day someone new meeting me and pointing out how strange my lifestyle is. i get that sometimes even now and find myself going "huh, ya i guess it is, isn't it?". so instead of the crazy cat lady i'm going to end up the mini-farm city girl or something. whatever. i'm going back to learning how to make brew mead in my closet and grow tomatoes in a little pot outside my door. so there.

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