Friday, July 23, 2010

gardening philosophy

i scan blogs of other gardeners now and then and my neighbor is always growing something too so i'm starting to really notice the contrast in how i garden vs. "the standard modern philosophy". mostly i don't see why on earth people screw with things so much. starting seeds inside, transplanting, hardening off, thinning, pruning, fertilizing, staking, de-bugging, and general fiddling is something i feel almost entirely unnecessary and way too time consuming. where did we humans get the idea that we needed to do any of this? plants require sun and water and healthy soil. period. love helps a lot, and by love i don't mean constant petting and interfering! i mean talking to your plants, passive energy work (i do this constantly so i don't even notice), and paying attention should anything require your care. water is good. compost is good. picking a sunny spot is good. so is planting a reasonable distance apart and in the right month (more or less). other then that i see absolutely no reason to fiddle with the great mother's, already perfect, design. plants have been thriving for a lot longer then humans have. where do we get this arrogance that without our babysitting it will all whither and die? and if modern "remedies" were remotely worthwhile, why are my plants a hell of a lot happier at a month old then anything next door that's two or three months along? the next person who tries to tell me that i should plant in straight rows or drench my green darlings in gross chemicals (yes miracle grown counts!) is going to get an earful, as well as some lovely comparison photos of my garden to theirs. those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt the people who are doing it.

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