Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I caved!

i couldn't do it anymore. after 3 months, i washed my hair. at the two month mark where i last posted about it, i was doing pretty well. since then it went steadily downhill until it was greasy and weighted down and felt rough and terrible. i haven't worn my hair down in at least two weeks. even if no one else could see the difference, it was driving me crazy! what is the point of having waist-length fiery red hair if you have it pulled up in a bun every day? i feel kinda bad that the experiment failed. part of this was testing what my body is capable of on it's own and it makes me a bit sad to know that i'm not at all happy with the results. i suppose that's a bit unreasonable since mammals never exist in a vacuum and we all need food and water and warmth to survive. in order to be happy and healthy we also need other things, like shampoo :P, or at least i do. lots of other people have done fine with this for years and years and i don't doubt that it works for them wonderfully. i'm glad that i tried this since i did learn some things and readjusted my attitudes and challenged myself. i'm also glad that i can go to lush tomorrow and buy minimally packaged, environmentally friendly, wonderful smelling shampoo. moving towards even more sustainablility, i'll be trying out making soap on friday and from there maybe solid hair care so look forward to a blog entry about that no matter how it turns out.

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