Friday, May 20, 2011

the garden 2011

we moved in january and the only real disadvantage to the new place is that we don't have a balcony or yard. does that mean i won't be growing food? HAH! i think not. we have window boxes in every window and are growing lettuce:


patio and cherry tomatoes (middle one is a cherry ready to be planted between the two patios, three little ones are cherries that will live in other pots):

snow peas that will become a living curtain as they climb the fishing line i've strung across that window (one of two planters pictured):

also basil and strawberries and a bunch of herbs that i couldn't get a decent pic of in the current light conditions. i'm probably going to colonize some space on the fire escape, which i should get to soon since the season is wearing on. the stuff i put out there i'm sure i'll be sharing with our neighbors so i'll be planting something not too precious or something we already have lots of. next year i'm going to ask our landlady if we can put in raised beds all along the back of the building where there is a lonely strip of weedy, unloved grass that no one even walks by. if there's a spigot outside i was going to put in a soaker hose to make watering easier. i did a little guerrilla gardening along the front. there are herb seeds sprinkled amongst the "decorative" (read:pompous, ugly) grass and sunflowers amongst the ugly neglected bushes. i'm not babying those, whatever grows, grows. if the herbs do well the pompous grass may just mysteriously disappear in the night. all the neighbors i've talked to like this idea :)
i apologize for the terrible terrible pics. it's nearly impossible to photograph plants on a windowsill from the inside and not have then either backlit or horribly flash lit. i'll try again with the flash after dark and see if that's better. the nasturtium one turned out ok because i can stand on the fire escape to take it

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