Wednesday, August 25, 2010

turning of the seasons

is it just me or is fall in the air? we're supposed to have a long growing season and have it stay warm right into october but i'm not so sure about that. my tomatoes are certainly hoping for it but the sun is starting to get that sunset angle and golden colour as early as mid-afternoon and at night it smells like fall: like drying leaves and rain to come and the radiant warmth of the ground. indeed, i find myself writing out my list of stuff i want to do with the end of the summer and the coming autumn. i didn't get to make as much of the summer as i'd hoped but i'm already dreaming of sipping mulled wine and jumping in piles of leaves. i'm also learning how to make cheese just for the fun of it and i want to try out making some simple jam and maybe some pickles before produce becomes expensive. this time of the year i end up learning new subjects, letting go of things that are no longer useful or i've been clinging to for too long, and turning inward to hearth, home, and inner strength. i'm hoping to have a potluck BBQ for mabon and my homemade hard apple cider should be ready for tasting by then too. i'll soon be pulling up the last of the garden that wont overwinter and checking to see if there's any finished compost to mulch on top and feed the earth over the cold time. it's soon time to plant garlic and spring flower bulbs so they get the hard freeze they need and check the almanac for what kind of winter to prepare for. so how do you prepare for the colder time? have anything fun on your fall must-do list? anything you just HAVE to fit in before summer is officially over?

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